MRDT Renewed as of January 1, 2015

The Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT) is a consumer tax collected at accommodations in the municipalities and rural areas within the Regional District of Mount Waddington (RDMW). The revenue generated from this tax comes back to the communities and the region and is used for tourism marketing.

The Vancouver Island North Tourism (VINT) project receives 80 of MRDT collected in the region and these funds are used to promote the North Island as a tourism destination. Given the geographical distribution of tourism products and communities offering tourism services, promoting Vancouver Island North regionally allows for a coordinated effort, a pooling of resources and a larger impact for marketing programs.

The municipality the MRDT was collected in, or the RDMW in cases of rural areas, retain the remaining 20 of MRDT for tourism promotion of their communities or areas. The RDMW created the Rural Tourism Action Grant in order to allocate their portion of the MRDT. Find out more about this program by visiting the RDMW website…

Port McNeill, Alert Bay, Port Alice and Rural Areas A, B, C & D of the RDMW had their joint application approved for renewal of collection of this tax for a 5-year term, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019.

All accommodation properties with 4 or more rooms are considered eligible to collect the MRDT and were contacted with information on the VINT project with a request to sign a document in support of the continuation of the MRDT as part of the renewal process.

Port Hardy is on a different renewal schedule and have completed their renewal in 2012. They will be required to renew their application in 2017.

Why is Vancouver Island North Tourism important to tourism businesses?

Vancouver Island North Tourism is a Community Destination Management Organization. The role of VINT is to represent the North Island as a destination and help the long term development of communities through tourism strategy.

  • Acts as the official source of travel information for the VIN region
  • Provides an unbiased travel resource for visitors
  • Is a one-stop-shop for potential visitors for information on experiences & services in the region
  • Coordinates regional tourism promotion
  • Supports economic development through tourism

A regional approach makes sense for the North Island given the geographical distribution of tourism products, how visitors travel and search for information on the region, and the connections between communities offering tourism services.

VINT has made great progress in the past 7 years to build awareness for the region as a tourism destination. By pooling resources and working collectively we have had a larger impact for the region. It is important to keep the momentum of this program and stay visible in our target markets to continue to grow tourism and business on the North Island.

As an accommodation operator, what is my role?

The support of the accommodation sector is needed for the contination of the Vancouver Island North regional tourism program. During the renewal process, all eligible accommodation properties (4 or more rooms, within the RDMW) will:

  • Receive information on the renewal application
  • Get access to project planning documents (see VINT documents below) in order to make an informed decision
  • Be contacted by a representative from Vancouver Island North Tourism to discuss the renewal and the regional tourism program
  • Be asked to sign in support of continuing collection of the MRDT

How has Vancouver Island North Tourism promoted tourism in the region?

Since 2009 the Vancouver Island North Tourism Advisory Committee [VINTAC] has been developing annual plans that identify activities for the regional tourism project. The following list highlights some of the key projects completed:


  • Vancouver Island North Tourism brand
  • Marketing campaign branding
  • North Island Trail Guide web & mobile app [2017 launch]
  • Regional tourism brochure & rack card
  • Regional visitors map [2010, 2012, 2015 & 2017]
  • Regional tourism website [2010 launch, 2014 redesign]
  • Regional tourism mircosite [2016 launch]
  • Online marketing
  • HD b-roll video library
  • Regional tourism video
  • Image library
  • Vancouver Island North Explorer Guide [2010-2017]
  • CTV television & digital co-op ads [2016]
  • Times Colonist Discover ad [2010-2012]
  • Comox Valley Collective magazine co-op ad [2016]
  • Coast Mountain Culture magazine co-op ad [2017]
  • Consumer show exhibits [2010-2011, 2014]
  • BC Ferries Onboard Travel Advisor [2011-2014]
  • Social media presence [Facebook & Twitter since 2011; Instagram since 2013]
  • Tourism Vancouver Island Vacation Guide Co-op ads [2009-2016]
  • Tourism Vancouver Island Outdoor Guide Co-op ads [2009-2016]
  • Tourism Vancouver Island Touring & Exploring Guide Co-op Ads [2017]

Travel Trade & Media

  • Press kit for travel media
  • Host for international travel writers
  • Host for travel trade representatives
  • Discover Vancouver Island travel trade event [2014-2017]
  • Provincial & provincial regional travel trade networking

Stakeholder Development & Industry Connection

  • Tourism season launch events [2011-2017]
  • Tourism social events [2015-2017]
  • Customer service workshop [2013]
  • WorldHost workshop [2014]
  • Tourism Vancouver Island Conference [2010-2016]
  • Aboriginal Tourism BC workshops [2011 & 2013]
  • Community Tourism Foundations [2008, 2011 & 2015]
  • Vancouver Island North Tourism Advisory Committee governance workshop [2015]

Projects Completed Through the Rural Tourism Action Grant Program

* What/Who is the Vancouver Island North Tourism Advisory Committee?

The Vancouver Island North Tourism Advisory Committee [VINTAC] is a committee of the Regional District of Mount Waddington that has been created to oversee the Vancouver Island North Tourism project and advise the RDMW Economic Development Commission on annual planning and program activities.

It is a 15 member committee composed of:

  • 5 Tourism Stakeholder positions
  • 4 Strategic Appointment positions
  • 7 First Nations appointed position
  • 1 RDMW appointed position
  • 4 Municipal Appointed positions

See a listing of our current membership…

View VINT documents:

Previous marketing plans:

View MRDT information from the Government of British Columbia: