Kayaking Experiences

Sign up for a kayaking tour and explore coastal nooks and crannies, offshore islands, and pristine saltwater inlets that cut deep into the landscape. Vancouver Island North scenery is even more magnificent when viewed from the water, and the marine wildlife will be happy to welcome you to their playground. Guides and fellow kayakers become fast friends on day trips or longer excursions that might include sleepovers in rustic campgrounds, comfortable base camps or luxurious resorts hidden away on remote islands.

Strap your own transportation to a roof rack, rent from a local outfitter or sign up for a guided tour in this world-class paddling destination. View intertidal life in the clear, cold waters. Seals, sea lions, orcas and maybe even humpback whales are happy to welcome respectful, low-impact visitors to their aquatic playground. The Lonely Planet travel guide ranked killer whale watching from a kayak in Johnstone Strait #2 in their Top 10 list of Canadian Adventures.

Experienced, long-distance kayakers tackle the West Coast Vancouver Island North Marine Trail, newly designated thought the BC Marine Trails Network, that traces the coastline from Port Hardy past Cape Scott Provincial Park and all the way to Tofino. Weather and sea conditions can change quickly, so be prepared and travel in a group.

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