Tofino Bus - Vancouver Island North
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866 986 3466
Located in Port Hardy
Tofino Bus is operating bus service from Port Hardy and the North Island to Campbell River and south Island locations. Year-round, daily scheduled service is provided between Port Hardy and the rest of Vancouver Island with terminal services available in Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Woss, as well as flag stops* available at the Port Alice junction and the Sayward junction.

Terminals are located in Port Hardy (7210 Market Street), in Port McNeill (311 Hemlock Steet) and in Woss (3001 Englewood Drive). Terminals offer ticketing, freight, and passenger services. Flag stops will* be available at the Port Alice Highway junction and Sayward junction.

The Tofino Bus service has a trip duration of around 6 ½ hours from Port Hardy to Nanaimo and approximately 9 ½ between Port Hardy and Victoria.

*Flag stops are side of the road locations therefore the carrier asks that you have exact change and carry on bags only (as much as possible). Please contact the Tofino Bus office if you have any questions about designated flag stops or wish to inform themof your intent to board at a flag stop. Reservations required for flag stops.