What Kind of Holiday Suits You?

It’s the start of a new year and new beginnings. If you’re looking for more travel in your life in 2019 let us offer some inspiration to help you plan a trip to Vancouver Island North.

For some travellers the idea of a perfect holiday is to see where the adventure leads with no particular agenda. And some of us have a tendency to stick to the way that we always do things with a thoughtfully executed itinerary. Perhaps the holiday you’re dreaming of is where you unplug from everyday life and experience something exciting and new. What exactly do you want from your holiday?

Travel can be a great way to push your boundaries but first take a moment to think about your preferences and what brings you the most enjoyment. To find out what kind of a traveller you are take our quiz “The Explorer Quotient” The answers will help match your personality and likes to unlock the key to activities and attractions perfect for you. It will only take a few moments and there are no wrong answers with this fun quiz. Your answers will give you a glimpse into how travel choices are based on your unique view of the world. These are the nine different types of travelers.

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To a Cultural Explorer travel is a journey not the destination. Not wanting to feel like a tourist, you have an interest in immersing yourself in the culture, people and settings wherever your travel. A few suggestions for this group include: visiting museums, attending First Nations cultural events and regional festivals.

As a Cultural History Buff you’re interested in enriching your mind and quenching your thirst for knowledge by surrounding yourself in history, culture and nature. Suggestions: Historical sites, museums and chatting with locals.

Ah, the Free Spirit. You’re fun loving, adventurous, spontaneous and looking for unique experiences. You don’t want to miss a thing and are more of a “see where the day takes you” sort of traveler. Suggestions: book a wildlife or nature tour, visit trendy eateries and local hotspots.

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The Gentle Explorer appreciates convenience, relaxation and the comforts of home. Breathe the wild air by day and rest in a warm, comfy bed at night. You prefer organized travel and guided tours. And when you really enjoy a place you visit again. Suggestions: an organized wildlife/hiking/fishing tour.

An Authentic Experiencer is curious and welcome to surprises and the unexpected. You immerse yourself completely in the history, culture and natural beauty of the places you visit. Suggestions: Anything outdoors including hiking & camping and museums.

The No-hassle traveler prefers worry free and simple travel with a side of relaxation. You’re looking for opportunities to experience nature with family and friends. Suggestions: parks, museums, festivals and group tours.

Personal History Explorers are interested in ancestry and heritage. Looking for active adventures you also enjoy visiting important landmarks. Suggestions: Organized tours, museums and shopping.

Not looking for a jam packed itinerary the Rejuvenator yearns to unwind, relax and reset. You travel to escape the daily grind, want to be awestruck by nature and are partial to a bit of pampering. Suggestions: organized tours, hotels and family resorts and spa treatments.

As a Virtual Traveller you prefer your own schedule and like simplicity and comfort. Your trips are shorter and more family oriented. Suggestions: family oriented activities and staying in cabins or hotel with all the amenities.

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Truly dazzling and rugged beauty will surround you here at every turn. Whichever kind of traveler you are Vancouver Island North promises a wild assortment of activities. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, a family or solo there are plenty of places to rest your happy but happy selves with many accommodation options including: camping, cabins, hostels, bed & breakfasts, hotels and resorts. Check out our vacation planner with sample 1, 3, or 5+ day tours to plan the perfect trip.

Every traveler has a slightly different version of a holiday. But travel should be one of those things to make your heart sing. Whether you want to experience the world and everything in it at full speed or looking to unwind and recharge let your journey start here on Vancouver Island North.

Karen Stewart – Freelance Writer
Karen is the author of This is Port McNeill and At Water’s Edge Ventures

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