For the Good of our Wild
Take the Wild Pledge to Share the Trails, Roads, Routes, & Parking Areas

As we come to the end of our Wild Pledge series, we open the last chapter with a message of unity and coexistence. Throughout this journey, we’ve learned to cherish the land, celebrate diverse cultures, observe wildlife responsibly, support local communities, and practice readiness. In this sixth and final installment, our focus is on the physical spaces that support our Vancouver Island adventures. Here, we address how to share our trails, roads, routes, and parking areas with courtesy and consciousness. Here we go!

Sharing is Caring

Access to our adventure spaces is a right bestowed equally to locals and visitors. Everyone has the privilege to explore the North Island, from the meandering trails to the winding roads that promise new vistas with each turn. As such, we must share these spaces amicably, demonstrating tolerance, offering guidance on trail etiquette, and sharing knowledge about travelling responsibly with those who might not be aware. Through mutual respect and education, we can ensure that these majestic spaces remain majestic for all who wander.

Practical Examples and Tips to Share Adventure Spaces

Plan to Avoid the Rush

Scheduling trips during less busy times helps prevent overcrowding and ensures a more serene adventure. If you arrive to find a parking lot full, opt to postpone your adventure or select an alternative trail or experience. Parking on roadways is not just inconvenient for others; it can be hazardous to pedestrians, drivers, and nature so don’t do it!

Eco-Friendly Transportation Methods

Consider embracing more sustainable travel options to minimize your environmental impact. Opting for public and human-powered transportation methods, like BC Transit, bike rides, or walking, lets you absorb your surroundings at your own pace, all while easing traffic congestion. For direct access to trailheads without the worry of parking, Waivin’ Flags Taxi provides bus trips and taxi services, ensuring spaces are left for others. Alternatively, consider the benefits of using an Electric Vehicle (EV) or carpooling. These choices not only allow you to utilize HOV lanes for a smoother trip but also significantly decrease your carbon footprint. If you’re driving an EV, you’ll find convenient charging stations in locations including Port Hardy, Port Alice, Port McNeill, Telegraph Cove, Sointula, Alert Bay, Coal Harbour, and Woss.

Respect the Trails

Respect trail designations. Certain paths are exclusively for hiking, while others are shared—open to activities such as mountain biking. Some regulations may vary with the seasons, so always heed the instructions at trailheads and use only the trails permitted for your activity. It’s also important to always stay on the marked paths at all times. Off-trail foot traffic can lead to habitat destruction, increase your own risk of harm, and promote unwelcome erosion.

Courtesy is Key

Always yield to fellow adventurers, respecting the shared nature of the trails and people’s personal space. A smile, a friendly nod, or a “How’s your adventure going?” can go a long way in making the great outdoors a welcoming space for everyone.

Personal Space

Building upon this, try to be courteous of people’s personal space. Whether it’s on a ferry, bus, or even public park or sidewalk, be aware of your surroundings and allow others to enjoy the wide open spaces of the North Island. We urge you to be extra respectful towards persons with disabilities, accessibility issues, and impairments as they may need more space and time. While camping, maintain a respectful distance from trails, rivers, and other explorers to ensure the solitude and wildness of the experience for everyone.

Keep Nature’s Peace

We all love a good jam, but when on trails, beaches, and in campsites, it’s best to turn the volume down. Remember, not everyone shares the same taste in music, and many prefer the serene whispers of the wild. Adhere strictly to established quiet hours at campsites to respect both your fellow campers and the local wildlife, who can be disturbed or stressed by loud noises. Instead of playing music, we invite you to take a moment to bask in the North Island’s rare tranquillity and savour our precious, natural sounds like the waves crashing and wind blowing.

Mindful Social Sharing

As we all know, social media is a double-edged sword. While it’s a great platform to remember that jaw-dropping sunrise or ‘no-filter-needed’ mountain view you enjoyed on your trip, such posts can unintentionally spur over-visitation to sensitive ecological areas. It’s essential to consider the potential impact before posting about a specific trail, viewpoint, or hidden natural gem. Instead, use your digital influence to encourage and educate about responsible and respectful nature exploration. Every post is an opportunity to remind yourself and others to tread lightly in the wild, preserving these extraordinary environments for future generations. Share away, but let’s do it with care, and use the #ForTheGoodOfOurWild hashtag to spark meaningful conversation. 

As our Wild Pledge series comes to a close, we reflect on the trail we have trekked together—a journey toward deepening our understanding of this collective commitment to an ethical, informed, and compassionate approach to travel. As we’ve seen in this chapter, it’s not just about the path we use but also how we use it. Mindfully co-existing on trails, roads, routes, and parking areas ensures their enduring accessibility and enjoyment for all.

Encourage friends and family to dive into our series and absorb the essence of responsible travel. With every shared article, experience, or pledge sign-up, you contribute to a grander vision—one where adventure and sustainability dance in harmonious balance like the Orca whales that call this place home. Thank you for taking this important step with us. Let us tread gently, explore mindfully, and pledge wholeheartedly. #ForTheGoodOfOurWild

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