The Nimpkish Hotel

Get aboard a ferry in Port McNeill and leave the busyness and noise behind as you sail to Cormorant Island.

Whale watching, kayaking, salmon fishing, photography, and much more, all right here in Alert Bay. For the culturally inclined, Alert Bay offers a glimpse into the past, with its historic old buildings and museums. The ‘Namgis Burial Ground and its hauntingly interesting totems, the potlatch collection at the U’mista Cultural Centre, or perhaps a ceremonial dance performance by the T’sasala Cultural Group at the Big House-available during July and August-to give a glimpse of centuries of tradition.

The Nimpkish Hotel is an historic building in Alert Bay with a colorful past. We are located on the water as our spacious and peaceful deck extends over the shoreline on the Broughton Strait facing the east side of Vancouver Island.

The view from our deck, sunroom and balconies gives our guests a front row seat to what the locals call ‘the movie’ as the panoramic scene is endlessly entertaining. Our 9 luxurious, comfortable rooms are the ideal place for our guests to unplug, unwind and rest. Start your day with a complimentary, fresh continental breakfast.