Tex Lyon Trail

If you’re looking for a challenging coastal hiking experience with a taste of forest and rocky seashore, you’ll enjoy this seven kilometre recreational trail.

Situated on the shores of Beaver Harbour, Tex Lyon Trail leads you to Dillon Point and provides the adventurous hiker with a panoramic view of Queen Charlotte Strait and the historic village of Fort Rupert.

Picnic tables, barbecues and rest places are offered along the way and at Dillon Point, where boaters too can find access to the trail and enjoy a pleasant day on the beach.

You’ll see large spruce, cedar and hemlock trees. Signs point the way to Dillon Point, and a quiet refuge, “Basket Eaters’ Cove,” marks the midway point along the route. High points along the trail offer a scenic vista of the offshore islands where native wildflowers abound in spring.

This trail is for the rugged hiker. While a round trip can be done in eight hours, we recommend that you allow 12 hours for a return trip, and that you watch for tides.