North Island Overland
Hello! My name is Mike and I am an island local who wants to share some of the beauty of the North Coast of Vancouver Island with you on our tours. It is a truly magnificent place to explore as most of it is not seen very often. On our overland or fishing tours you might see bears, wolves, or cougars. While I can’t guarantee it, you just might! I have lived on Vancouver Island for 25 years and have seen first-hand the rugged beauty of the North Coast. On our overland tours you will be riding in the comfort and style in our 2021 Ford Bronco and convertible for those sunny days where you might want the top down. The soft sandy beaches of San Josef Bay, the magnificent beauty of the Little Huson Caves, as well as The Eternal Fountain, and the Devil’s Bath are all very spectacular sites. Our freshwater fishing trips will be in pontoon boats with a knowledgeable freshwater fishing guru to assist you with catching various freshwater species of fish and also provide education and tips for freshwater fishing.  Want to experience the real Wet and Wild West Coast?  Join us for a storm-watching adventure this fall or winter!