Culture Shock Gallery

Coffee shop and retail only. Online store now available. If you are interested in booking a cultural experience, please send an email to

Culture Shock Interactive Gallery is 100% aboriginal, owned and operated by Andrea Cranmer, Barb Cranmer and Donna Cranmer.

Our roots are in the rich traditions of the ‘Namgis people of the west coast of Canada. We offer interactive cultural experiences, led by knowledgeable local people, who bring together contemporary design with traditional art and our way of life.

Book ‘Namgis Roots Experiences for Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. Craft your own cedar bracelet while learning about the significance of cedar in the ‘Namgis culture; Savour mouth-watering sockeye salmon cooked on an open fire in traditional ‘Namgis fashion; Learn about the ‘Namgis history and legends through Nusa (storytelling) by Vera Newman; or, Journey across the water in a traditional ocean going canoe.