Telegraph Cove Resort & Charters

The fishing areas around Telegraph Cove are not only surrounded by spectacular scenery, but also contain some of the most consistent salt water sports fishing on the BC coast. Most new fishermen to the area are amazed and delighted at how calm the waters are the majority of the season.

As salmon migrate between Vancouver Island and the BC coast, they funnel down through Johnstone Strait, making for great fishing within 20 minutes of our harbour at Telegraph Cove.

Chinook fishing starts in May and carries on to the middle of September. Pinks start arriving in early July and are in the area until early September. Sockeye arrive late July and last till late August.

Fly fishing for salmon (pink, and sockeye) in the salt water is also popular. Halibut, Ling Cod and Yellow-eye Rockfish are the preferred bottom fish for anglers around Telegraph with halibut up to 264 lbs, ling cod up to 72 lbs and Yellow-eye up to 32 lbs. Crabbing and prawning can also be very good.